Chapter 3 Teaser Available For $5+ Supporters!

Hey everyone! A new build is up for 5$+ patrons (or people who have donated that amount here on itch!) It contains the first half of Chapter 3 (30min - 1hour), which is only about 1/5th shorter than the whole chapter 1! This is going to be a HUGE chapter, so the full release is still months away.

You can follow this link to become a patron and claim your key!
If you donated here on itch, you'll need to log on twitter to DM me your username or a receipt of your donation so I can generate a key for you!

Hope you enjoy it, let me hear your thoughts when you play it! 

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going to say this now this game is very good, and i don't regret donating on Patreon!

I'm glad to hear so!