Chapter 3 Delay

As the title suggests, due to the restless times we're going through, I have decided to postpone Chapter 3 indefinitely once more.

Other than the fantasy racism tropes I've been working to condemn for months in the next version of the script, The Hayseed Knight relies a lot on humor based around making fun of a life resigned under the boot of the oppressors, and chapter 3 especially has a lot of comedy related to death, mobs and executions due to the way chapter 2 ends. 

I don't think it's the right time for that sort of content, and as such I will be taking a break from the project.

Just wanted to finalize this post wishing all my fellow queers a happy Pride month and encourage you to keep raising your voice for Black Lives Matter. Change is happening, and we need to support it with all we have!

Thank you for your time and all your support, see you soon!

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