Chapter 1 version 2

Alright alright just testing devlogs because I haven't done so yet. So! This is just an updated version of the first demo!


-French translation, courtesy of Benjamin Beziat

-Updated Ader and Jasif's sprite art. Eina will be next, but not yet. Not yet.

-Ader now has about 3094290483243 more expressions. You're welcome.

-Updated the UI to make it more comprehensible. OH HEY LOOK THAT ENCYCLOPAEDIA NO ONE NOTICED BEFORE :>

-New Eina CG

-No, no battle minigame yet. I'm sorry ;w;

Fixed bugs:

-Told Gyof to chill and stop hiding behind Ader

-Fixed the bug that would make the language screen pop again if you didn't click on one of the languages.

-Ilegrab's entry in the encyclopaedia displays properly now

Files 234 MB
Nov 27, 2017 249 MB
Nov 27, 2017

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I can't find the links to chapter 1, is it available?

Thank you!


Chapter 1 and chapter 2 come together in the same file :)