Chapter 3 out on December 8th 2020, THK available on steam!

Hey everyone! It's been a while! 

I'm here with two major announcements today: first off,  THE HUGE FRIGGIN UPDATE THAT INCLUDES LOTS OF NEW SCENES,  A NEW INTRO, NEW ART AND CHAPTER 3 WHICH IS TWICE AS LONG AS CHAPTERS 1+2 WILL BE OUT FOR MY BIRTHDAY, ON DECEMBER 8TH! I'll be 25 years old and very tired by then.

But, and here comes the butt. As much as I've tried to keep the game free during these three years by relying on patreon, it's proved impossible to survive off it alone. With chapter 3, THK currently has 7 hours of AUDIO alone—that's around 10 hours of content. I've spent thousands of euros on it out of my pocket, and I'm lucky since I do mostly everything on my own.

For that reason, the full version of THK and future chapters will be available on steam for 14,99$. will only have a free prologue until I figure out how to handle payments here.

Everyone who paid an amount of 5$ or more at any point before today, 25th of November 2020, will be entitled to a key to the full game because you supported me when this was completely free and it was optional, so it's the least I can do. Please, email me with a receipt once the game is out.

So, make sure to wishlist the game here!

And that's all! Hope you're having a beautiful day, I'll go back to weeping anxiously now.

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