Small update + Chapter 2 announcement

Hey hey! It's-a me, Sandra! Always forgetting to post here!

This last update has been a graphic one — namely getting Eina and Ilegrab's sprites and a few CGs up to date, mostly for new players and neat press notes. 

Also fixed a few mistakes in the Spanish translation, and Benjamin Beziat was so kind to fix a few in French as well!

This version SHOULD (I'm not a programmer sorry ;w;) be save-compatible with chapter 2, so if you play this new version make sure to save towards the end!

I'm aiming to release Chapter 2 on MARCH 10TH buuut it's just me developing the whole thing after all and I don't want to make any promises. We're recording the lines right now, so... yay!

Okay, that be it. If you wanna keep up with development, my twitter's where it's at <3

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Feb 12, 2018

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