Redesigns and chapter 3 announcement-ish!

Hey everyone! You might be wondering what I've been up to these uh, 6 months?

Well, for starters! If everything goes according to plan, chapter 3 should be ready somewhere late November-ish! Things hardly ever go according to plan but one can dream!

Secondly, I've been out going to cons and testing the target audience, and guess what? I found out that they really, REALLY didn't like Ader's design (people mistook this for a bara VN and moreover NSFW, so YEAH NOT THE INTENTION).

This coupled with my own personal feelings about him and how he didn't look like a deer, and his role in the story (remember how there's supposed to be a famine and Ader's starving and—) made me decide that a redesign was in order.




Here's a screenshot of these two idiots on twitter! Kind of a WIP for Sep's arms.

And another.

And yeah I think they look really nice now. The rest of  the characters will also get smaller updates to sort of match the improved 3/4 view, but most were already cartoony per se!

So that will be up soon-ish. Ishhhh. With some more changes in the UI and narration + some occasional bug fixes.

'Kay, see you around.

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Perhaps you can add an option to the game where you can toggle between the old design and the new? (For chapters 1 and 2 only of course, otherwise that would be WAY too much future workload for you). It seems like there are quite a few that became attached to the old art style and it seems a waste to throw out all of the work you've done so far as well.

Not to lie, but I would be one of those people who would be very happy to switch between either design. I love them both already even though the new ones aren't fully done yet haha!

Hi Iseph! Thank you very much for the thoughts!
The images uploaded actually weren't finished, but, as a great example, the bottom left picture was Ader being "dumbfounded/clueless", so you can see how the old pic didn't represent that image very well, haha!

The update will be ready either late this week or early next, depending on when I can finish all the art + finish directing and editing the voice acting that needs to be rerecorded since there was a recast of Ader's VA. I will not be adding a way to toggle old art as it simply does not fit the story that I set out to tell, and I want people to really understand so (especially given that some went as far as to harass me for it on social media! Better cut the cord with all that.)

Ader's arms are comically oversized on purpose, since he's supposed to look like he has shovels for hands! The point is that he lost a lot of weight due to an ongoing famine in the city where they live, so he starts out in a worsened state (playing through chapter 2 you'll see flashbacks of how he looked in the past). Sep's arms hadn't quite been shaded in the image presented above.

Thanks a lot once more!

Awww I quite liked the design of the old Ader, but you're right, the new design does look like it would better suit him in a comedy setting (I love the new design too btw, very cute). One minor thing though is the bottom left image of New Ader vs. Old Ader. The old Ader has a better design in that it presents a 'peeved and cheeky' emotion clearer than the new one. Maybe bring the eyebrows of the new Ader a bit lower? Haha.

As for Sep(?), she definitely looks better, I love it! Very bright look that helps to make her more youthful.

I actually only decided to download your game today because I wanted to play both chapters 1 and 2 at once (only found out through word-of-mouth how much you have progressed since I last looked). May I know as to when your new designs will be implemented into those chapters?

P.S. Is it a typo that it's Sep's arms that are a work in progress? Because I think her arms are fine. It's ADER'S arms that look rather large and thick considering his relative body size.

Thanks for reading!

Ader was too hot for his own good.

Ahaha, too hot for the clown he's supposed to be.

All good though there's a few more good boys that are yet to be introduced :>

pleaseeee do not change the design of Ader, how he looks is one of the reasons why i like this game so much

Even if you ask for it not to be changed, the redesign has been up for months on twitter. I understand your feelings, and there's nothing wrong with having your own preference, but both the story and the potential public it can reach will benefit from this change and I need to think of that first always :)


They look really good!


Thank you!