Chapter 3 on the horizon!

The script has been finished, and recording has already started for Chapter 3! AND HOO BOY, WHAT A CHAPTER! It's as long as chapters 1+2 and twice as exciting, I promise! I'm hoping to release it next month, but that may be entirely too optimistic, haha!

Sadly, it won't branch out the way I originally intended for it due to a vast lack of funds—I'm the sole dev, working on everything from art to writing, coding and voice direction... but the voice acting for this chapter costs over 2000$. I lost my job at Blizzard back in February, and haven't had any way to fund myself since, to the point I've been forced to return to Spain and move back to my parents' house.

I only got this far thanks to the people supporting me on Patreon, so if you want to help make me something closer to want I hoped it would be originally, any amount is truly appreciated

You can keep up with the art, short excerpts and various shenanigans on my twitter account!

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